As a follow up to the post explaining how I will be trying to present more writing on this blog I want to mention that in addition to my own writing I try to be an active part of the larger discussion going on in other online blogs and publications.   Through comments and response to articles that interest me I attempt to both expand the conversation and to work out thoughts in my own head.  Sometimes I do write for the sake of argument, because I think it is an interesting topic and I want to see how the discussion can go, a sort of devil’s advocate.  I have also gotten a bit carried away on occasion.  But despite these caveats, I would not consider myself by any means a troll (if you feel otherwise, PLEASE let me know).

I will keep a list of my recent comments and responses in the side bar. Here are a couple of my comments from past articles:

Patrik Schumacher – Parametricism

Science for Designers: The Transformation of Wholes

# ARCHITECTURAL THEORIES /// A Conversation with Patrik Schumacher

Regarding Bab el Bahrain


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